I am motivated by the subtlety of colour, light and transparency. Setting and refining these properties is the way I achieve a specific harmony and lightness in my pieces.

The road to transparency

I started my studies in Fine Arts in 2006, beginning with painting and later moving onto ceramics. For me the ceramic piece is like an “all over” canvas. I always consider the piece as a whole, working with and valuing all parts of the piece equally. And, just like when I was painting, one of my main concerns is the presentation of depth. How to approach the difference between close and distant?

My answer is with colour. To address the concept of depth I use different intensities of colour in the same piece. The difference creates subtlety, a single colour with different tones is the perfecting of this process. So transparency became the main motivation of my glaze research.

Guided by these principles, carving emerged spontaneously. Drawing is part of my daily practice, and the images that inhabit my mind are first transferred to paper and later on to the clay using the hand carving technique. The glazes are then meticulously designed to flow and pool in the depressions allowing the image to develop and become emphasised.

A bit more about me

I have a propensity to contemplate the colours of nature.

I’m an avid reader of Emily Dickinson, Clarice Lispector and the Greek classics.

I have a meticulous obsession for detail.

I am inspired by many things… in particular Mesopotamia, the Middle Ages and Contemporary Painting.