One of the best sources of information I know, particularly for those who want to develop their own glazes. Here you will find all the information you need to understand the basic principles of glazes, the properties of the various ingredients and how they interact. Even more important is the live insight that allows you to compare glazes with each other and correct problems, saving precious testing time.

Large glaze database, quite useful to find new colours and the correspondent glazes recipes. Here you can find glaze recipes successfully tested and make comparisons.

John Britt’s videos and books are extremely useful for developing new glaze colours specifically some difficult ones like pink and purple.

Florian Gadsby gives exhaustive descriptions of each step of the process. And there is always something we realize that we could have done differently and better.

Learning how to throw large pots and bowls on the wheel.

Learning how to throw and a lot of other useful things. Particularly good for beginners but also useful for more experienced potters.